What People are saying…

I have lived here for many years and wanted to let you know that I think what you’re doing in the Hill Section neighborhood is fantastic. Your monthly publication keeps us up to date on all the happenings in the area and the families and people in the neighborhood. As residents, we really trust the businesses that sponsor Hill Section Life with their partnership and their ads. In fact, I’ve called 3 businesses already just this week!
— Pat S., Hill Section resident

Each month my family looks forward to receiving our Hill Section magazine in the mail and catching up on our local neighborhood news. Hill Section Life is a well-written, professional, and high-quality publication that has garnered the interest, attention, and enthusiasm of Hill Section residents and has raised the community togetherness and spirit in the neighborhood.
— The Samuelians, Hill Section residents

At Mercedes-Benz, we pride ourselves on delivering five-star service to the community we serve. These magazines allow us to communicate with a specific and targeted affluent community giving us incredible value and results while deepening our relationship with local residents. Dollar for dollar it is one of our best advertising expenditures.
— Andy Noye, Business Development Director

I am so pleased to be advertising in our local neighborhood publication. It is a beautiful magazine that everyone in the community reads, so I know that they’re all seeing my ad each and every month. I’m excited about the new clients it has brought me and the tremendous branding and exposure it has given my business in this exclusive neighborhood. Thank you!
— John C., Financial Advisor

Rolling Hills Living contains human interest stories that neighbors are interested in and are inspired to read. The subject matter is void of advertorial nature and generic articles that you can find in any regional magazine. Reading about the residents featured in our neighborhood publication gives you the same feeling as having a conversation with your neighbor standing in your own driveway. We read it cover to cover each month and we love it! Thank you!
— Carol H., Rolling Hills resident

Although we did not initially see many calls come in that referenced our ad in the publication, we have since measured our business revenue in this neighborhood and it has increased 330% over the last 3 years! Amazing! The average revenue per job has grown, in addition to the numbers of jobs sold in this community. I view this great neighborhood publication as the “must do” to enhance the presence in a targeted community. It’s truly a branding magazine that converts prospects into customers, over time. If we do a great job, it spreads through the neighborhood and the revenue grows dramatically. Thank you so much!
— Jamie D, Cool Today Plumbing

This is just a gratitude note to thank you for the excellent Rolling Hills Living magazine you publish for us. Everyone I talk with says they enjoy it tremendously! Your articles are informative, interesting and so colorful. It’s very fun to read! It’s always delightful to learn about all the talented and interesting neighbors that we would never know about without your stories and publication. So, as the self-appointed spokesman for the silent majority, I send great appreciation and thank yous!
— Marion Ruth, resident

We can’t wait to receive Hill Section Life in the mail each month to learn more about our neighbors, nearby restaurants, and local events. The magazine promotes a sense of community by tailoring its contents to our own neighborhood. That’s why I’m both a reader and a contributor.
— Barbara Lurie, HS resident

I love Rolling Hills Living and read it cover to cover each month! Thank you for providing this wonderful, intimate and valuable publication for us. We really enjoy learning all about our neighbors and participating regularly.
— Mary P., Rolling Hills resident

I’d just like to congratulate you on a wonderful magazine! It’s been exciting to turn the pages and read real articles about the faces, places and spaces within our community. Keep up the great work of keeping our neighbors highlighted with each edition and keeping us informed as a community.
— Heather H., resident