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Manhattan Beach
Hill Section Life



The Manhattan Beach Hill Section is one of the most affluent and exclusive communities in Southern California, with average home prices exceeding $3 million. It is home to many celebrities, professional athletes, corporate CEOs and entertainment executives and is renowned for its spectacular ocean views and desirable location, just a short walk to the famous beautiful white sand beaches and the strand.

Manhattan Beach Hill Section Life is a private monthly magazine delivered exclusively to the residents of this elite neighborhood. Members of affluent communities want a quality product that they can be proud of. We exceed their expectations by providing a professional solution for their communication needs. The publication is a vital community resource and all the content and photos are about the residents who live there. Consequently, the readership of the magazine is extremely high. Our readers look forward to each new issue, because it is all about their neighbors. They save and re-read each newsletter. The advantage this gives our advertisers' message is that it doesn’t get lost in the sea of junk mail. It gets seen repeatedly each month.

We offer businesses an exciting and effective method to target highly sought-after clients. By providing a well-designed, quality publication filled with local stories and photos, we have seen these neighborhoods increase attendance at social events and allow residents to widen their circle of friends. Our publications actually help residents get to know each other and find other members in their communities with similar interests.

Publication FAQs

  • Sent monthly to all the residents in the community via USPS.

  • Full-color and glossy and is 40-60 pages in length.

  • 1-to-1 content-to-ads ratio.

  • Limited sponsorships available.

  • All content and photos are community driven.

  • Resident-supported and read cover-to-cover each month.


Household income

Mean household income:  $400,879

Mean disposable income:  $252,540

Household Profile

·  Residents: 2,548

·  Homes: 755

·  Median home value: $3,545,230

·  43% have Children under the age of 18 living in them

·  Family households: 82.6%

·  Mean family net worth exceeds $3.8 million

Present homes for sale

Range from $2.6 - $16.5 million

Reader profile


50.1% Female

49.9% Male


Median Age          44 years

Under 18               25%

Aged 18 to 44       32%

Aged 45 to 64       28%

Aged 65+              15%