All ABOUT residents. FOR them. And written BY them.


South Bay
Neighborhood Publications

All ABOUT residents. FOR them. And written BY them.


Marketing is becoming increasingly customized & targeted, and so is the new world of print content and advertising.  By all data sources “mass marketing is dead.” Today, all marketing is taking a very focused and targeted approach.

WHO is your ideal customer?

WHERE is your ideal customer?




Manhattan Beach
Hill Section Life

The exclusive magazine for the Hill Section of Manhattan Beach, CA. A creative and innovative way to connect with this affluent beach community. Neighbors write it. Neighbors read it. Everyone loves it!

Rolling Hills Living

A keepsake magazine packed every month with beautiful pictures and stories written by and about the families who live in the luxury community of Rolling Hills, CA. Advertisers build powerful connections with this community. 

Life on the Avenues

This desirable beach community is the most affluent neighborhood in Redondo Beach. Distributed to all the homes from the Esplanade to the border of Torrance, and from Avenue A through H, this beloved publication has a dedicated readership and enthusiastic participation from all the great families in the Avenues neighborhood.


Turning neighborhoods into communities.

Transforming strangers into neighbors.


Reach Your Target Market


Living in upscale, affluent neighborhoods

Needing/wanting your products and services

Willing to spend discretionary income

Ideal for your business’ products and services


What We Provide:


  • Consistent presence in a high-end, well-read, shared and retained publication

  • 2-page profile on you and your business

  • Networking events where you can get to know your target customer and develop personal contacts and relationships

  • Secure premium visibility & right of first refusal


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